Write for Us – LifeStyle, Celeb., & Home Décor Guest Post Opportunities!

If you think that you have exceptional writing skills and you are able to do proper research before writing content then you are welcome by AdobeTube to write guest posts for us.

To join our team, read this page to find all the rules and instructions that you must consider while writing for us. You can also contact us at [email protected] in case of any query.

Which writers are welcomed by AdobeTube?

AdobeTube is providing a chance to those writers who are passionate about writing and sharing their knowledge but they can’t find any platform to express their ideas. If you think you would be a perfect fit and you have something in you then come and write for us.

We always welcome new and innovative ideas, so strive to write genuine content by conducting thorough research, as this is essential if you want to join us. If you don’t want your application to be rejected, carefully follow the guidelines and instructions which are given on this page.

Guidelines for writing Guest Posts:

Our team of writers pays attention to the following guidelines and that’s why they are able to provide valuable content to our readers, so you must follow them as well while writing for us:

  • Your article/guest post should be 700 words long but should not exceed 1000 words.
  • You can select the topics from this website and avoid writing on irrelevant topics.
  • You should write authentic content and for this, deep research is required.
  • Do not write plagiarized content, you can only take an idea from the internet but never copy anything.
  • Third-party and affiliate links should not be used in your post because we cannot compromise the privacy of our readers.
  • Thoroughly read your content before sending it to us to make sure it is free of any grammatical errors.
  • Keep your content brief and avoid providing too much or unnecessary information.

Important Considerations for Guest Writers:

We have some following expectations or instructions from the writers who are willing to share their ideas with our readers so follow them carefully and become a part of us:

  • You should write unique content and do not add any false information as it will lead to the rejection of your content.
  • Avoid writing long stories while sending an application, only provide a short introduction along with your skills.
  • The chances of your content approval increase when you write with creativity and add the keywords naturally.
  • Try to choose a topic that is both interesting and informative for the audience.
  • Keep your content so the readers can understand it easily.
  • Try to write engaging content so that readers don’t get bored while reading your content.
  • Write short sentences because they look more appealing to the readers.

Which applications are quickly accepted by us?

If you don’t want your work to be rejected, never copy anything because cheating is not tolerated by us at any cost and we immediately reject plagiarized content so always keep your content unique and write it all by yourself.

If your write the content with creativity and do not impose keywords on your content then there are greater chances that your application would be accepted within three to five days but do not lose hope if you don’t get any reply because sooner or later you will hear from us.

If you want your application to be accepted quickly, do deep research about the topic and then write it in a way that everyone can easily understand. To increase the chances of getting your application accepted, follow the guidelines we added above.

Keywords To Include While Applying For The Write For Us Program

Use the following keywords in your application to let us know the purpose of your email:

  • Your Keyword is “guest post.”
  • Your Keyword “guest article”
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